Many religions have a history of giving gifts at certain times of the year to celebrate various religious holidays. One of the main reasons we have the custom of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas, it to remind us of the gifts given to Jesus by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh.  All over the world, families and friends give gifts to each other.  Most children around the world believe in a Christmas gift bringer.  It’s often St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, but in many parts of Germany they believe that it is the Christkind, in Spain they believe it is the Wise Men and in parts of Italy they believe it is an old lady called Befana.  The point is we all have our own beliefs, traditions, and our own special idea of what the holiday season means to us all. 

In my family we celebrate not only the religious part of the Christmas season but, I have grown up with the Thomas Nast version of Santa Claus.  Thomas Nast is legendary for his political cartoons, but, he’s also responsible for the jolly St. Nick most of us know today.  The first known drawing was in January 1863 in the Harper’s Weekly, which was Santa Claus giving gifts to Union Soldiers during the Civil War, this image cemented the nation’s obsession with the jolly elf.

Santa Claus- otherwise known as Saint Nickolas or Kris Kringle- has a long history steeped in Christmas giving traditions.  Today, he is mainly thought of as the jolly little man (Thomas Nast’s Santa Claus) in red bringing toys to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve, but his story stretches back to the 3rd century, when Saint Nicholas walked the earth and became the Patron Saint of children.    His feast day is celebrated in many countries on December 6th, the Anniversary of his death.

St. Nicholas makes inroads in American popular culture towards the end of the 18th Century. Dutch families had gathered to celebrate the anniversary of his death, according to newspaper accounts in 1773 and 1774, by hanging stockings filled with toys and fruits hung over the fireplace.

Gift-giving, mainly centered around children, has been an important part of the Christmas celebration since the holiday’s rejuvenation in the early 19th century.  Stores began to advertise Christmas shopping in 1820, and by the 1840s, newspapers were creating advertisements, often featuring the popular Santa Claus.  In 1841, a store in Philadelphia had a life-size model of Santa Claus, which children begged their parents to take them to see.  Soon after the “live” Santa was a major attraction for the young and old alike.  In the early, 1890s, the Salvation Army, needing to raise money for Christmas meals for the poor, came up with the iconic bellringing Santa Clauses that we see all over the country today.

The United States, much like our population, has a conglomerate of various traditions from all over the world and the gift giving is done at different times and in different ways depending on your culture and your family traditions.  Immigrants have brought these fabulous traditions here and we are so much better for it.  For example, in most of Europe, the presents are left in shoes or boots put out by children.  In Italy, the UK and the USA presents are left in stocking, hung by the fireplace with care.  The custom of hanging stockings comes from the story of St. Nicholas.  In many countries, presents for friends and family are placed under a Christmas tree.  The gift giving traditions are even different depending on what part of the country that you live in.

To me the Christmas Season is the best holiday as it makes us think of all the things, we are grateful for and all the blessings that we have in our lives.  Our gift, not just the physical present, is the joy we feel while shopping for that one special gift that you know will just make anyone who’s special to you light up.  Many people these days are giving gifts or donations, to their favorite causes in the name of someone they love.  This is a perfect gift for those whom have everything and want nothing. 

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Wild Child Hoodie

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anna maria island blanket hoodie

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Howluckyami wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May the joy of the season bring joy to your heart.  We hope that you enjoy all your friends and family, and that everyone is safe and feels loved.