Our Story

howluckyami is more than just Anna Maria Islands preferred gift and souvenir destination…

What started as a deep sense of gratitude for our beloved and beautiful Anna Maria Island transformed into so much more. howluckyami was born with the intention of extending this sense of gratitude to everyone else who felt it; and providing them a way to take that home with them. It has now become AMI’s Premier Brand. 

A story from howluckyami owner and co-founder; Jane (from Maine).

“ Originating from snowy New England we like to believe the snowbird life chose us. Despite the beauty up north half of our hearts live in our beloved winter escape; Anna Maria Island, Florida. My husband Rich and I have been coming here for the past 19 years. 

For years I would come to Anna Maria Island, pinch myself, and think “how lucky am I” to have this incredible place in my life every year. Now this was before the era of smart phones. When the time came and I did receive my first smart phone- it was a no brainer to make my email address “howluckyami ” followed by the address of our rental we always stayed in. Upon seeing the letters running together, I knew I was on to something; and so the journey of establishing AMI’s #1 brand began. 

Over the next few years the idea behind howluckyami slowly developed and our brand was built. My former partner and I spent a lot of time doodling on napkins and guest checks at our favorite Anna Maria Island breakfast restaurant. Before we knew it, our brilliant sun had risen and howluckyami was born. 

In September of 2015, we were granted a trademark from the US Patent Office. Since howluckyami’s inception there have and will be others who have used their talent and hard work to drive my dream and our company forward. Howluckyami is so much more than a brand! It is a lifestyle and represents a gratitude that anyone who sets foot on this Island shares. 

However, the success and continued growth of howluckyami lies with our biggest fans, our customers! We are so grateful that you have supported Anna Maria Island’s #1 Brand. Thank you for shopping with us!

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